Texte de Sam Viking, chanteur éphémère de 2014...
Le tout ré-interprété par les soins de Charlie Chine...;)


I feel this frustration
Of yours and mine
Of theirs as they come and go
Self reflections of our system
Loving and hating
Rejecting what made us
Starve and dry

I hunger for life
I thirst for knowledge

And we can't play, no
But remember kid
They told me
As you make your bed, you bleed (X2)


Stop being unwired
Plug yourself in and be
(Yes, like us)
And we're all happy
can I be myself and stand in line ?
rejecting what made me
Man made God

I was the kid that played alone
I was the boy who played astray
I'm now the dog that bites your hand
As you feed me
And you kick me
Kick me !

I'm part of the machinery
Yet, I'm what makes her tick
Wired like all
But too aware to be
I'm that thing that flips the switch

Running with the undertow
Building my own lifescape
The birth of a new realm
My very own shallow grave

I hunger for life
I thirst for knowledge
But remember man
They saying
As you live your life, you pay

Too afraid to be alone
Too afraid on your own


from So far so good?, released June 20, 2015
Batterie par Loïc BOUE.



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NIEUMEGON Paris, France

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